Printable // 4 Sassy Valentine’s Day Cards


Valentines card

Valentine’s Day is coming up in about a month, this inspired me to create a little Sassy Valentine’s Day Collection for all the love birds out there. Simply download the card you like and cut it out, fold the sides and use a ribbon or wax stamp to close the card. You can also send these cards in a 4×6 envelope to any loved one that might need some sassiness.

Valentines card step 1
Valentines card step 2

Valentines card closeup

Purchase cards here:

Etsy Shop

This printable will be only available for free until January 30th, 2014. After that you can purchase them through our OEH shop.

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  1. Thank you so much for making these cards, I can’t wait to give the “Damn! You’re so hot” card to my boyfriend.

  2. Hi, these are so cute. I can’t seem to download them, when clicking on the link, it brings up the last image on the page.

    1. Jess, you need to wait until the site is complete loaded. If you hover over the links and no tagging shows up, you are good to go. The links work fine for me!

  3. I also can’t seem to download them. I click on the download link and all that happens is a picture comes up…

    1. Tiffany, please try again. As I replied to Jess, the last image is loading over the links for a little bit, you should be able to download them when it has finished loading. Let me know if you still have the same issue.

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