What we do around here!

What we do around hereIt’s been a busy week for the Johnson family, with lots cooking, playing, cuddling, crafting and blogging. Some of you may think, how is she getting all that done with a newborn and an active 2-year-old? All I can say is; good planing, lots of love, a strong will, and a supporting and loving husband.

Luckily, hubby is off for the next weeks and grandma will be helping us soon, too. However, I like to keep in mind that my family comes first no matter what, that’s why I’m only working when momma is not needed or the kiddos are sleeping.

This is what we are doing around here:

  • We make a delicious breakfast every morning to stay strong during the day, the pancake recipe from the first image will be featured next week on the blog. 
  • I designed a new necklace (see second image) called “Antique Brass Wreath Necklace” which can be found and ordered in my etsy shop
  • Jasmine, welcomed Bailey with lots of kisses and hugs (she can’t take her eyes off of him, lol)
  • And my last image is contributed to all the crafters! We are still looking for a Guest writer for our blog, and also want to invite everyone with a unique product to submit their business, right here.

Life is good, and I am loving every second of it!

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