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Hi friends, I have been working on this blog transfer for a long time! And finally I completed everything, I hope the Blog will be much faster now… due to my current shared hosting plan with Godaddy, I had to make a decision and move on because I had to many “Internal Server Errors” messages which I apologize for! I  have read many good things about Dreamhost and they are recommended by WordPress.com as well, that’s why I went with them and will be using their shared hosting from now on, with the hopes that it won’t give me any trouble. 

I also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of my followers, for being supportive and sharing my DIY’s, Recipes, Fonts and Spotlight Features with the world-wide web.

Since the Blog is new to the web, some of the links may not work, but I am working on them as fast as I can. Should you find a link that gives you an error of any kind, or redirects you to a different site, please comment me below with the link and the error message. Please also share your experiences with me if you think the blogs loading time is faster or if you don’t feel like it improved at all. I’ll appreciate every comment and will reply to each of them.

Happy sharing!

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