What are you feeding your baby?

My little cutie is almost 8 months now, and we are slowly weaning from the breast. This made me think; am I giving her enough vitamins and nutritions? I have read lots of books about this subject, been all over the internet searching for the right way “for us”! Basically you never learn enough about what’s best for your little one!

I started cooking solids for her and L O V E it!!! Although it’s really hard to find organic food in Okinawa, Japan. Because most of it is still shipped from mainland Japan, and as we all know they still have radiation out there, but if you look long enough you find organics grown on Okinawa. –now I wish we had those great farmers markets from back in the states!!! ugh

well, very first thing I want to mention before we get started, is this question: Should I peel the tomatoes used in my baby food?

Pros: They add nutritional value. Easy preparation.

Cons: Your baby could trough up or choke, because the skin won’t dissolve when cooking and pureeing. Baby throats are very sensitive, Jasmine actually threw up one day, since the peel must have gotten stuck in her throat.

If you DO choose to peel tomatoes for use in your baby food recipes, here an easy way how to peel them.

Boil a small pan of water. Lower in your tomatoes – 2 at a time – and boil for 15-30 seconds. Plunge into a bowl of cold water, then pierce with a knife. The skins will slide right off. (Note: Don’t boil the tomatoes for any longer than 30 seconds, or they will begin to cook. This means they’ll turn mushy – and be even harder to peel!).

This is all you need to do… make sure to wash your veggies, find a baby food recipe and a baby food processor ( I used the Beaba babycook processor )
Dice everything up and toss it in the Beaba babycook, I added “water level 3” into the steamer, and closed it…. the great thing about this Beaba babycook is that it will turn off the light when done, so all you have to do is remove the steam basket and empty it into the steaming cup, my recipe said to use the cooking liquid, so we are good to go to puree now!
After the puree has cooled a bit I added 1 Similac scoop of formula, this can be left out. I just prefer to add Formula to her food for now!!!

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