Welcome to the new Blog!

Big changes are on there way, we have improved our Blog by moving us to a new domain: blog.bjohnsonjewelry.com and giving us a new look! Our old Blog is called: bjohnsonjewelry.blogspot.com

Don’t you love the change?

New monthly entry schedule:

– Fashion week
– Decor check
– monthly Giveaway
– feature of 2 items
– discounts and news etc….

Now let’s get to the fun part of our first post, we are giving a $20 Store Credit from BJohnsonJewelry.com away, and all you have to do is “leave us a comment” -let us know how you like the new blog, and what you would like to see us blogging about in the future.

This Giveaway will end 03/10/11 – 10pm EST

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  1. I LOVE the new look! It is simple and sweet .. I’m not sure what I would like to see you blog about in the future .. I really like how it has been! Plus, the reason I’m not a blogger is that I never know what to write about! But congrats on the new blog look!

  2. The blog looks awesome! The colors are refreshing to the eye and the organization is making an OC person like me very happy! 🙂
    Hope you can blog about how you get inspired to make your jewelries!

  3. I love the new blog and how simple it is. Some blogs r soooo overpowering with too much stuff. I agree with wanting to see more about fashion on here. Looks great.

  4. The new blog is so pretty! I love the simple designs. I’d love to see more about the latest trends in fashion and popular handmade items.

  5. Your new blog/website is really gorgeous! Great background, the colour is really subtle and the heart on your blog’s name really stands out! 🙂 would love to see you blogging about interior of houses maybe?

    ( alvin _ darmawan at hotmail dot com )

  6. I like the background pattern and the soft colors! Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway.

  7. I think this is the first time visiting your sweet blog, i am looking forward to visiting again!
    I am looking forward to anything that has to do with spring,summer..basically warmer weather:)

  8. I like the colors of your blog – it has a nice and relaxing feel to it.

    I’m all about DIY, I’d love to see lots of tutorials!

  9. The new layout is great! Very fresh!

    I can never hear enough about jewelry- I’m obsessed!!


  10. This is my 1st time on the blog so I’m not sure what it looked like before. But I really like the background, just a hint of color but not taking away from what is being posted. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

  11. I really like the new blog! It’s beautiful and clean. I love to be introduced to new brands for the youth.

  12. I am new to your blog; however, I can say that it is very pretty and clean…without a lot business going on. In fact, it is calming to view.

  13. I really like the new blog, especially the background pattern! However, the text color hurts my eyes. I think it might be too light?

  14. Dear Cher Betty,

    Congratulations on the new blog, the new look and above all, the new BABY on the way. That;s wonderful news and we are all so very happy for you!

  15. I love posts about fashion, beauty and most of all, jewelry!
    Just post your jewelry and I’ll be happy!
    Congrats on the new blog, home & baby!!!!!!!!

  16. Congratulations on your new layout, it’s very refreshing. I do however agree with some of the readers on the quality of the text, it’s just too bright for the eyes.

    It would also be lovely to include weekly tutorials and perhaps some fashion tips too.

  17. Congrats on your cool new layout. I love this blog. It isn’t jarring to the eyes! It’s calm and pretty which is perfect. So many websites and blogs have overload for the eyes!! Gives me a headache. Thank you for the chance to win this sweet giveaway! I think it would be super if you could post mostly about jewelry. I love necklaces so much! Thank you again, Carolyn 🙂 Sa************@ao*.com

  18. The new blog is wonderful- nice and clean, simple, and soft!
    I’m working on decorating a new apartment right now, so maybe some fun interior design posts!

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  19. I’m kind of a dunce when it comes to fashion and jewelry. I’d like to see some helpful posts on how to wear certain pieces. Sometimes I see a crazy fantastic necklace, but have no idea what I’d pair it with. Tips for dummies please! And keep up the DIY posts. I love crafty stuff too, and new ideas are hard to find!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  20. Love the look! Very clean and sleek.
    Congrats on the move with the blog.

    I love the bobby pins you have available in your shop. I like how you give
    variety to those who dont wear a lot of jewelry. I currently attend a cosmetology school
    and I have clients who are always looking at our hair and asking about
    pins and accessories for the hair.


  21. I like the look of the new blog, but where did that sweet article about whole foods go? I liked how it was very obvious on the last blog.

  22. It looks GREAT! I love the simplicity of it and how its not messy like so many other blogs. I also think the colors of the post pics really POP in this new format! I would love to see more green giveaways and GC giveaways!

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