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Hope everyone had a great weekend. We spent our weekend relaxing, it was much-needed!

On Friday I enjoyed a few hours with my friend Mrs. Erika S. Washington, she is the founder of Create’ve Path Luminaries which is based in Okinawa. She makes amazing Luminaries, sea inspired shadow boxes and whitewashed wreaths + much more.

About Create’ve Path Beach Art, Luminaries:

Create’ve Path Luminaries are handcrafted and one of a kind. The Skeleton Coral used, is unique to Okinawa and is rarely found on Beaches around the world.

I only use Coral, Sea Glass, and Shells found on the Beaches of Okinawa or the surrounding Ryukyu Islands. The Sea Glass has tumbled in the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean for many years. It takes close to 50 years for the pieces to reach the “done” stage known to the Sea Glass Connoisseur. Nowadays, Sea Glass auctions are held and rare pieces are significant to the serious Sea Glass collector. You never know what kind of treasure will be included in one of my Luminaries.

Light a candle and let the magic happen, this little piece of art will always remind you of beautiful Okinawa.

Erika is currently working on establishing a social network for her Business and will be very happy if you follow her and leave a comment on her Facebook page.

Etsy SHOP | Facebook | Contact her via E-mail

(images by Erika, edit by Bettina Johnson)

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  1. Bettina, thank you for featuring my enterprise on your Blog. I have to admit I am a big slacker in marketing and promoting my Beach Art, living in Okinawa since 2008 I feel so very blessed and I get so inspired by the beauty this Island has to offer. The people, the culture, the history, Okinawa is such a magical place. I made it my mission to create my Luminaries for the People they have had the opportunity to live here or to visit, to take home my little Art Pieces and remembering their time they spent here, walking the beautiful Beaches.
    Currently I have some listed on etsy those are some of my very first Luminaries, my newer creations are, (how can I put this without sounding corny) more sophisticated. I am very passionate about my Beach Art and I love what I am doing and we all know when you love what you do it just gets better and better.

  2. So glad I was able to help you with this feature, your items are truly unique and I believe that lots of our readers will appreciate all the hard work you put into your products.

  3. It’s very easy to make your own sea glass, just take broken glass and put it in a rock tumbler with a few handfuls of gravel, sand and some water. Let it run for anywhere from 12 hours to a couple of days and you have sea glass! The more you tumble it the more weathered it becomes. 🙂

    1. Velvet, great your pointing that out, and if that works for you and your happy with it all the power to you, and I have seen man made Sea Glass and excepted it as for what is was man made. For the true Sea Glass Connoisseur there is actually a huge difference. It is not just about getting the glass that tumbled look, over the years the glass pieces can form into nuggets, and sometimes you get lucky and find so called Bonfire Sea Glass. I am very passionate using only unique pieces I find in Okinawa. Before I got acquainted with Sea Glass I was actually thinking the same direction, and I have bought such glass to decorate in a vase with flowers, but being fortunate enough to live on an Island and find all the treasures the tide brings in I got a whole different point of view. Sometimes Sea Glass auctions have been held and serious trades have been made there. Possible one day I have a chance to go to one, for right now I enjoy every day, that I can make my art and meet people they appreciate and treasure my pieces as much as I do.

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