Printable // Simple Pale Color Holiday Cards

Set of 6 Handmade Cards
Set of 6 Handmade Cards

This year we already had quite a few Birthday’s in our Family and a couple of Holiday’s, but the fun Holiday’s are still to come, like Valentine’s Day (find my free card here), or St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. So last night I made a few cards that you can share with your family and friends. Two of my cards – St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Easter are FREE the others you can purchase for a small amount from my shop.

Image and Design Courtesy by Bettina Johnson
Image and Design Courtesy by Bettina Johnson
Bundle of Joy
Bundle of Joy
Free Happy St.Patrick's Day and Happy Easter Card
Free Happy St.Patrick’s Day and Happy Easter Card
Thank you & Get well Cards available for Purchase in our Shop
Thank you & Get well Cards available for Purchase in our Shop
Happy B-day and Happy Mother's Day Card
Happy B-day and Happy Mother’s Day Card

P.s. I will add freebies and printable’s every month, two to three per month. Some of them will be FREE and some will be available for purchase, because hosting a site and working on freebies and printable’s costs money, therefore I have to create items that are for sale only.

I hope you understand, and enjoy all freebies and printable’s!

Download the FREE Cards here:

Buy the other cards here:

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  1. Hi Bettina! I have been wondering how you can print white font. How did you make your cards? Thank you and more POWER:)

    1. Hi Steph, I actually printed the entire card on white card stock. So the area that is white simply wasn’t printed by the printer. Let me know if you have any other questions!

      1. Hi again! I was wondering what type of printer did you use? I want to start printing cards too but I am not sure if my printer can handle the cardstock AND the type of printer ink that you used. I am so jealous of your creative streak:)
        P.S. You’re awesome for replying really fast:)

        1. Hi Steph, glad you like the cards and even consider printing them. If you use card stock from staples or michaels with a 110 lb . 199g/m2 you’ll be fine. I print with a HP Photosmart 7520, but any printer should be able to handle a 110 card stock! Good luck and have fun printing!

          1. Hello. I also have the same printer but I’m unable to print on the 110 lb cardstock i got from Michaels. What setting do you use to print it? My printer will take the paper, but nothing prints on it. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

          2. Did you check all your ink?
            I use the fine print settings on mine. Sometimes if you print through Preview (mac image application) it will give you more options to choose the paper (matte, glossy, photo paper). I use the matte paper setting.
            Hope I was able to help, let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Great ideas! Just wanted to mention that birthdays and holidays do not require an apostrophe. So many people are doing this lately. I don’t think that teachers do a good job of teaching correct punctuation. Incorrect grammar and punctuation seem to be everywhere these days. It is not just you. Good luck on your website.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I grew up in Germany and only had 4 years of English in school. I do my best to not make this mistake again!

  3. Thank you for the quick reply. Yes I just replaced my ink cartridges. I will try again. Did you just feed the paper in the paper tray?

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