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My new workbench arrived last Friday, I was so excited that I put it up myself while hubby was watching both kids. I think I was done putting it together in 30 minutes, but rearranging the garage took about 2 hours. Not fun, especially when it’s 100ºF outside. 

Workspace Desk Workspace drawer Workspace drawer2

Yep, this is where all the goodies are happening. I was already “at work” and made a couple of new items… take a look!

Metalsmith Necklace

This one is still in the works, I have to finish putting a bezel on for the Aqua blue Aventurine, and give it a good polish. But this next beauty I actually finished, called the “Pink Opal and Aqua Blue aventurine ring” – you can find it in my etsy shop.

Pink Opal and Aqua Blue aventurine ring Pink Opal and Aqua Blue aventurine ring by Bettina Johnson Jewelry

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