My favorite instagrams – No.3

Last week I got us some delicious fresh-baked French bread from a Japanese bakery. The owner is a husband-wife team and they have amazing bread and pastries (I’ll be posting about next week). But back to the first image of my favorite instagrams this week, Jasmine sticking her finger into her mouth! She was chewing on some really good French bread, and now every time she sees me eat bread, she will come right next to me and beg to get a piece, this just makes me smile!

The next image is my gorgeous husband with my cute little bee, playing drums with his head.

The sterling silver bow earrings in my next image, where a custom request, and I love how they turned out.

And my last picture, is of the current books I am reading, you can never learn enough and I always find new tips and tricks to improve myself or my business.

(all images taken by me via Instagram)Hope you have a great week.

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    1. Mom Inc. has a variety of interviews about successful blogging mom’s, with a few tips on how to run a blog while working from home. Overall it’s a quick read and somewhat helpful even if you are not a mom yet.

      Handmade marketplace is for starters, gives you great tips on how to sell your product, from photography to presentation

      They are both worth reading in my opinion!

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