My favorite instagram – No.12

While this busy season is giving us the run around, there are little breaks in between sometimes. Like a few days ago, when my post office visit was taking a little longer. Little Jasmine had found an Elmo chair inside the postal office and wanted to sit on it, so I helped her carry it over to the window I was seen at and had her sit right next to me. She was such a good girl and actually waited on me patiently until I was done.

I might be able to run around or work without breaks as a “work from home mom”, but the better option would be to take advantage of breaks! They will refresh, keep you focus and clear your mind.

What you can do during a break:

  • drink lots of water
  • step outside every 2 hours of work, go for a quick walk or just go water your plants in your garden!
  • do some basic chair exercises for 5-10 minutes
  • eat some fruit


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