DIY // Pearl Earring under one minute

DIY Pear earring under 1 minute
DIY Pearl earring under 1 minute

I wanted to create something simple, fast, affordable and cute to look at. Today’s little pearl earring is a great summer accessory and so easy to make, I made this earring in just one minute- yes, one minute!


  • 2x 18-21 Gauge 2″ Headpin
  • 2x Freshwater Pearls 6mm
  • Tools to bend the wire (you can also use a marker, the body is round and perfect to bend the wire on)
  • 1 Nail File (I used a nail file for the end of my ear wire to smoothen the metal – you may not need to do this step if you buy your headpins from a manufacturer)
DIY Pearl Earring under one minute Step by step
DIY Pearl Earring under one minute Step by step

I’ve also made a little video (my first one, so be nice …it’s not perfect!) in case you are a visual learner, this should help you. Hope you like the tutorial.

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