Crepe Paper Wildflower [Video tutorial]

I am so stoked to finally show you some Crepe Paper Wildflower tutorials. If you are subscribed to my blog newsletter, then you may have read in my June newsletter that I have partnered with, which is very exciting for me.

They have beautiful Italian Crepe paper, super fast shipping and are in general a great company to be working with.

So for the past month, I have been practicing the art of making paper flowers and I am finally ready to share my first easy to make Paper Wildflower. You will find the full video tutorial at the bottom of this post!

WildFlowerBouquet-by OEH

Crepe Paper Wildflower Video Tutorial

I am a big fan of crepe paper and was inspired by so many crepe paper pros, one of them is Lia Griffith, her tutorials are so fun and simple. Which is the main reason I craft with this amazing paper.

This particular tutorial was inspired by Appetite Paper, she used to make amazing crepe paper wildflowers. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find her blog or website anymore, seems she closed her business or just renamed it. Let me know if you find out.

Finally, I want to share a fun Video of my Crepe paper Wildflowers, if you’ve never made paper flowers before. I highly recommend starting with this simple flower. 

In addition, you can always add faux greenery to make a bouquet fuller. For instance, I preffer the look of faux greeneries like; eucalyptus leaves, lambs ear leaves, and rosemary leaves.

However, if you rather like to keep your bouquet entirely made out of crepe paper, I’d recommend this little twig tutorial. 

WildFlowerBouquet-by OEH6

Shop the supplies:


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Crepe Paper Wildflower DIY crafts and flower ideas

How to start making Crepe Paper Flowers?

  1. Find some inspiration and local classes or online tutorials
  2. Gather all supplies (I’ll add a list of my favorite items below)
  3. Make time to work on your first crepe paper flower 

Crepe Paper Wildflower DIY crafts and flower ideas

Crepe Paper Flower Supplies

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Lastly, feel free to download the template and pin this tutorial below. 


Crepe Paper Wildflower DIY Flower crafts ideas


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  1. Hi Bettina!
    I can’t believe I found your blog! I am wild about making crepe paper flowers. Thank you for the templates for the above flowers. Can’t wait to keep up with you as you do the series. And I love working with Carte Fini paper. It’s sumptuous and the results are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks 🙂
    Sue in Ohio but a New Yorker

    1. Hi Sue, so glad you found the blog as well. I LOVE making paper flowers, and this new passion of mine will be shared on the blog as I go. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you should have questions.
      Welcome to the OEH community! XO Betty

  2. Hello! I absolutely love your flowers!!!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL! I would love to make some for decorations for a fundraiser, but when I click on the link for the template, I get a message that the link is not there. Is there any way I could get the templates? Thank you!

  3. Love these flowers! The link for the template is no longer active, any chance there is a new link?

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