Working in the garden!

It has been quite some time since I had a garden, I love gardening and growing my own produce! Last week my husband and I started to change a few things outside, like the front yard and the gardening area in our back yard. The front yard is almost done, but needs a few more touch-ups here and there, therefore I will show you a few things I did and used in the garden area.

Gardening tools

I love my new gardening boots, they have been such a great purchase – easy to clean of when done and feel great to work in them as well. The bamboo gardening gloves are also super to work in.


While we had a rather messy garden to start with, I was kinda happy about because I found all these Strawberry plants in it. 2 big pots full of Strawberries, you know Jasmine will be sitting in front of them picking ripe, red, strawberries!!!Tomatos

After digging, adding fertilizer and new soil to my garden I started planting my first plants – tomatoes and carrot seeds are in. Salad, spinach and a few herbs are prepped in a seed started inside, but hopefully I can put them outside in a few weeks.

So, yes this is what I do when not making jewelry on my bench. What a great way to clear your mind and cache some fresh air.

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