Wedding Resort in Okinawa, Japan

Hi friends, today I like to share a great Resort that Nakia and I came across as we looked for a Photo shooting beach for our Maternity pictures. The Resort is called: Hotel Nikko Alivila and I totally fell in love with this location, as we walked along the property I told Nakia (my hubby) that this location makes me want to get married again!

There rates:

1 night – $190-$420 depending on the room you book and also if it’s all incl.

they do have packages if you want to stay for 1-2 weeks, price/package inquiry can be requested at there front desk.

The Church you see here, just got build that’s why it looks different from the Resorts website Hotel Nikko Alivila.

We will take pictures on this beach tomorrow, I’m so excited! I will post some as soon as we get them. Until then, enjoy your weekend. -Betty

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