Free Font Friday gone Pro!

Free Font Friday gone Pro!
Free Font Friday gone Pro!

I am currently working on this project called “the unlimited calendar”! While I didn’t have any issues to choose colors and a theme for this design, I had a really thought time with the fonts for this project. I looked through all my fonts, nothing seemed to fit!

I had heard about Magpie Paper Works from a friend, and loved her work. Especially Ondise, it’s sophisticated, whimsical and playfuljust what I needed to continue my work!!! The process of getting the font was done in a matter of seconds, on top of that it was affordable.

Sometimes a font that’s been overused on the web or in graphic designs, just won’t do justice when you work on something that’s special to you. I like to show you a little sneak peek of a special project that I am working on (see image above). When working with bold colors or shapes, a little sweetness won’t hurt and will stand out, like this gorgeous font; named Ondise created by Magpie Paper Works.

I will let you guys know, as soon as this calendar is complete.

Happy Weekend friends!

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  1. I love Ondise! I have been using it for my website graphics 🙂 It’s a great handwritten font and not as expensive as similar fonts. I can’t wait to see your finished calendar project!

    1. Thank for stopping by Jenny, love you blog design by the way! Yea, I hope I will get the calendar done by next weekend!

    1. Hi Liverdor, I have to be honest with you. I haven’t been able to finish this calendar yet, I hope to feature it on the blog in the next couple of weeks.
      I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available to download.

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