Progress // IKEA Rast chest drawers

I finally have some time to show you a few images from the progress on the Progress IKEA Rast chest drawer project that I am making for Bailey’s room. I was working on it the last few evenings when both kids were in bed and Nakia had some time to cut the wood for me. It requires 2 people to cut the wood since the top and bottom boards are 6 feet, you want one person to hold the wood while the other person is cutting.

Progress // IKEA Rast chest drawers

Chest drawer part 1
This first image was after I attached the top and the bottom to the 2 IKEA Rast chest drawers.

Chest drawer part 3
I had to do a lot of measuring so the holes for the screws would aline. I used Gorilla Glue underneath the board to give it an even stronger bond, and after I drilled the holes for the screws it was fairly easy to insert the 7mm x 50mm Cabinet Connecting Screws (you can also get these screws at Ikea).

I did the top and bottom board on two separate evenings because I wanted to let each side dry overnight with 6 wood clamps attached to it. I made sure this chest drawer will last us quite some time!

Chest drawer part 2
With the top and bottom attached, I added these front boards because it would have been a too big of a gap in between the border I am going to add and the piece of wood that already came with the IKEA Rast chest drawer (see the white board in the back).

Chest drawer part 4
The image above shows you how I used the clamps again to secure the boards. On the front boards, I only used Gorilla Glue and the clamps.

For the extra shelf on the side I glued a piece of wood on each side with Gorilla Glue, clamped it down and secured it with an extra 3 nails.

Chest drawer part 8
Yep, he will have an extra space for toys and books.

Chest drawer part 5
And last night I actually finished attaching all wood pieces to the chest drawer. Adding the border was really simple, Gorilla Glue and nails again!

Chest drawer part 7
But because I am not a professional woodworker, I had to fill in some gaps with wood filler. However, it dried overnight and I will be able to start sanding and painting today.

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Here, I want to show you what items you may want to get if you are planning on making your own double chest drawer.

Tools you need 1 Tools you need 2
Oh yea, and this baby helped us quite a bit to get everything cut to the right length and angle.

Miter Saw
I gave this Miter saw to Nakia as an early Christmas gift, but mainly because I needed it to cut the wood for this project. I bought it at a discounted price from Harbor Freight Tools. However, if you don’t want to spend the extra buck for a miter saw, you can also have home depot or lowes cut the wood for you.

I can’t wait to start sanding and painting the chest drawers. I was told that when painting a furniture piece you want to use a foam roller. Because I already painted the chest drawer with 2 coats, I can only agree to the foam roller. It gives it a little texture but I like it since I am using a Satin finish from Behr Premium Plus Ultra.

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I will update you guys as soon as I am done with this project. To find my other projects please visit my DIY to-do-list.

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