Planning a Jewelry Collection Photo shoot

I told you guys about my new Jewelry collection in this post a couple of weeks ago, and the collection was actually going to launch on May 01, unfortunately our photo shoot didn’t work out, but we have re-scheduled the photo shoot for this weekend and are hoping that everything works out!

Today, I like to share a few things about our Photo shoot, which will include where my inspiration for the collection came from, and what style the photo shoot will be based off of.

Hair & Makeup Inspiration
Hair & Makeup Inspiration

My Style #1 board includes the Hair & Makeup inspiration that we are going to use in this year’s photo shoot. The Makeup is sophisticated but xxx, with the focus on the eyes. A little shadow around the eyes and soft peachy lips.

The Hair will be worn open with some braiding on the back, romantic and playful.

Photo shoot location
Photo shoot location

We have a beautiful Botanical Garden here in Fort Worth and choose this location to Photo shoot at, due to the many different areas we can work with, a garden or park is always a great location!

Photo shoot Inspiration from Shlomit Ofir
Photo shoot Inspiration from Shlomit Ofir

My initial inspiration for this year’s collection for the photo shoot came from Shlomit Ofir, I love her continuously growing collections. She always transforms her photo shoots into a little story.

The romantic and whimsical style inspirations for my 2014 summer collection came also from pinterest, I can’t wait to share everything with you once we are all done.

New launch date May 23, 2014

Shop the pre-released collection, here.

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