My dress and jewelry for the Marine Corps Ball

I have been looking a long time for this dress, but I actually had it bought for a Christmas Party in 2010. I still love it so much that I want to wear it again! However I had it altered back in 2010 because it was to long and didn’t fit as snug as I wanted it too, so the seamstress took off the bow in the back, shorten the dress, gave it a little snug and made me a shoulder scarf, plus added a cross halter since it was very heavy.

However, I am excited to wear it again and because I didn’t wear any earrings last time with the dress, I made me a pair that goes with the dress for this year.

I will be making more of these if there is interest (you can vote on the sidebar).

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    1. Soyeong, honestly I can’t even remember because I have to buy each year a dress for the ball. I believe this one I found on one of the wholesale sites from Asia. I’ll take a look at the dress tomorrow to see if I can find any info on it.

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