Island treasures – The sea shell necklace

For the past couple of days I didn’t touch any of my tools or jewelry, just because I was a little overwhelmed and needed a little break from all the bling (can you believe that?!!!).

But, today I had an inspiring moment and started working on a very unique necklace called the Sea shell treasure necklace.

A view of my friends and customers had mentioned to me, that they would like to see an Island inspired collection. This is my first piece of the limited edition Sea Collection also called Island treasures in my etsy store. So, if you see a piece that catches your eye, be quick… I collect all my shells by hand on the Okinawa island and there are no shells that look the same!

If you have a piece of shell and like me to make you something unique, you are welcome to contact me and I’ll give you my address so you can send it to me.

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