How to create a font on your smartphone or iPad

Create a Font on your smartphone or iPad
Create a Font on your Smartphone or iPad

If you are a long time follower on my blog, you may know that I am addicted to fonts of all kind! I probably have over 300 installed on my desktop. A while back I even got into creating my own fonts. I am also going to attempt a calligraphy class in a few weeks.

I am currently working with two apps, which I can only recommend if you are a font lover like myself. I use iFontMaker on my iPad and the instaFontMaker on my android smartphone. The pen I use is from Merkury Innovations, which I bought at T.J. Maxx .

Create a font on your smartphone
Create a Font on your Android Smartphone

The instaFontMaker app for the smartphone is fairly simple, you can save the font and sent it via email to your Desktop where you can install it to your other fonts.

Create a Font on your iPad
Create a Font on your iPad | Download the Crahi Font here.

Now, the iFontMaker is really fun, first of all you have way more room, and also more options to create a font. I LOVE this app, it’s really fun! You can send yourself an email when you’re done with the entire Font, which will take you to a website, where you can set copyright settings, download the .ttf file, test the font and so on. 

Let me know if you are going to create a font, and I’ll add you to my Pinterest Handmade Font Board, simply send me your email via contact form with the subject “Pinterest font board“. 

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