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Poem by Nicholas Gordon
Poem by Nicholas Gordon | Font by Bettina Johnson

As a teen I was obsessed with writing love letters, I even had a folder where I kept some of my own and also stored some of the letters that I had received. Back in the day (1997), there was no text messaging or Facebooking, well great now I sound like an old lady that got stuck in time! Ok, let’s move on… what I was trying to say is, that when someone wanted to tell you how they felt about you, most of the time it ended up on a piece of paper or sometimes even face to face (talk about an awkward moment that I had there, …maybe next time!)

However, I truly miss those days where I spend half a night just writing down my feelings and thoughts, wondering how I would turn out and where my life would take me. I have to smile thinking about the happiness, love and peace I have in my heart, being blessed with the family that I have. I’d never thought that my path would take me here!

Valentine’s Day! Did I prepare a little freebie for you or what? 

This little poem by Nicholas Gordon, was so sweet that I had to create a card for it. You can also just attach the image to an email and send it off “2014 style” or (my choice ->) print and give it to your Valentine in person. 

Download here:

FREE Valentine’s Day Poem Card

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