DIY // Beaded Wire Wrapped Necklace

Beaded Wire wrapped necklace


  • wire
  • 16” length of chain
  • 5 beads of your choice
  • 10 spacer beads
  • clasp
  • jump rings (3 small; 1 large)

What You Need copy


  • wire nippers
  • needle nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • bent nose pliers


1 // Prep

Cut 5 lengths of wire, about 6 inches each. Image A

2 // Make Your Loop

Bend first wire down around round nose pliers counterclockwise, at about halfway mark. Release the wire and turn your pliers over 90degrees clockwise to reposition. Bend the top half of the wire up over the pliers, clockwise. Release pliers again and turn them over 180degrees to bend wire around the bottom end of pliers, which will complete your loop.   Image B Image C

3 // Wrapping

Using bent nose pliers, hold your loop securely. Wrap wire around just below your loop using round nose pliers. Wrap three times and cut the end with nippers, leaving about 1/8” wire for tucking. Tuck end using bent nose pliers until hidden inside the wrap securely. Keep your wraps clean and close for neatness and durability.  Image D Image E Image F

 4 // Linking

Slip your first bead onto the wire and flank with a 2 spacer beads. Repeat step 2 on the opposite side of your beads, until you have an unwrapped loop. Carefully open the loop with your round nose pliers and set aside. Repeat steps 2 & 3 with your next bead. Slip your new finished loop side through the unfinished open loop from step 4. Now close the loop and wrap.  Repeat steps 2-4, working left to right until all 5 beads are attached in links together. You now have the main part of your necklace completed! Just a few more steps to go… Image G   Image H

5 // Attach Your Chain

Open 1 small jump ring using needle nose and round nose pliers. Slip on one end of your chain and one end of your wire wrapped links. Close the ring securely and repeat for the other side.  

Image I

Image J

Image K

6 // Attach Your Clasp

Your necklace is almost finished! Open and slip the last small jump ring through your clasp and one end of the chain. Close ring securely. Open and slip the large jump ring through the other end of chain and close.    

Image L

You’re Done!

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    1. Hi Jen- I used 24g wire for this particular necklace, but you can use any gauge that will fit your selected beads. Please let us know if you make yourself one of these! We’d love to see it!

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