Crepe time

Crepe Recipe (adapted from I Shot the Chef )

1. Whisk the eggs well in a large bowl, then beat in the remainder of the ingredients, in the order listed. You can also place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Cover and let stand at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.

2. Heat a 7 or 5 inch skillet or crepe pan over medium heat until moderately hot and film with butter, using a pastry brush or paper towel. Using a small ladle or measuring cup, pour in several tablespoons of batter, then quickly tilt the pan about so that the batter spreads evenly in the thinnest possible layer. If there is too much batter in the pan, pour it back into the bowl of batter and use less for the next crepe.

3. Cook for a few minutes, until the bottom is lightly browned and the edges lift easily from the pan. The crepe should then slide loosely about in the pan. Turn it with a spatula, or if you’re feeling daring try to flip it without one. Cook the second side for a minute or so. It will brown in spots, but not as evenly as the first side. Remove to a plate and film the pan again with butter and repeat. If the batter gets too thick, add a few drops of milk.

Note: Fill crepes with preserves, Nutella, or my favorite, a thin smear of butter and a dusting of granulated sugar.

Note #2: If you do not want sweet crepes, omit the sugar and vanilla and increase the salt to 1/2 tsp.

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