IKEA Karlstad Fabric covered buttons / 8Pack

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Our Ikea Karlstad fabric-covered buttons come in a pack of 8 buttons. Ready to be applied to your cushions for an unbelievable, gorgeous hack.

These buttons can be used on the IKEA Karlstad and KIVIK sofa cushions.
– For the Karlstad Sofa, you will need four 8-packs of our fabric-covered buttons (front and back).
– How-to instructions can be found here: Ikea Karlstad Cushion Hack Tutorial

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Our Ikea Karlstad fabric-covered buttons come in a pack of 8 buttons. Ready to be applied to your cushions for an unbelievable, gorgeous hack. These buttons can be used on the IKEA Karlstad and KIVIK sofa cushions.

IKEA Karlstad Fabric covered buttons / 8Pack

  • For the Ikea Karlstad Sofa, you will need 4 x 8packs of the IKEA KARLSTAD fabric buttons front & back of your cushions.
  • Each order is handmade in our Okinawa, Japan studio by Bettina Johnson.
  • Orders take approximately 10-14 Business days to complete.
    • Each of our orders is processed in the order they are received.
  • We ship all our packages via Japan Post Registered Airmail or EMS
    • The EMS option will not shorten our processing time! Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.


We work with the same high-quality fabrics that you’ll find in your local Ikea Stores. Please view our available fabric-covered buttons from the drop-down list.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.8750 × 0.8750 in

Isunda Gray, Knisa Light Gray, Sivik dark gray, Blekinge white, Dansbo Dark Grey, Orrsta light gray, Tullinge dark brown, Tullinge gray brown, Lindö beige, Tenö light gray, Tenö dark gray, Korndal brown, Korndal dark gray, Tygelsjö beige, Nolhaga gray beige, Sivik Green

41 reviews for IKEA Karlstad Fabric covered buttons / 8Pack

  1. Bettina Johnson

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  2. quietlymad

    So brilliant! This time last week I didn’t even know what a tufting was, now after reading your blog post and getting these super-speedily-delivered buttons, I have an amazing tufted sofa! Thank you so much, couldn’t be happier.

  3. Alisa Theil

    they look great, shipped quick. Thanks!

  4. Laura Murillo

    My buttons arrived in just a couple of days and now my couch looks great! Thanks so much!

  5. Kerry Ann Mormello

    Great buttons! And the tutorial was a great help. Thank you!

  6. Linda Nilsson

    Shipped on time. All good.

  7. Hailey Means (verified owner)

    I just bought buttons from Oh Everything Handmade to tuft my karlstad – following her video made it super easy and it looks exactly as expected! Super happy with this tutorial and the buttons she provided – makes our sofa not look like an Ikea sofa! Thanks!!

  8. Elise Riedlinger

    These buttons were perfect, and my couch turned out beautifully!! I was super impressed. Took a couple weeks to ship, but they did come all the way to Canada. (Had to get my dad to show me the ‘slip knot’ though because the video tutorial was a bit fast, but once I figured out the first one it was super easy).

  9. Kimberly N.

    These were perfect. Anyone needing buttons for the Ikea Korndal Brown slipcover on the Karlstad sofa can use this fabric no problem. Thanks so much!

  10. Stefanie F.

    The buttons arrived quickly and look awesome. I loved my karlstad before but adding the tufting makes it look so polished and so much more expensive! Thanks for the great product and great tutorial online. Measuring the pillows took longer than I expected so in case anyone else finds it helpful, here are the measurements I used: I have a chaise, sofa, chaise configuration. On the chaise, the buttons are 6″ from top and bottom, and spaced evenly at 7.5″ from sides and each other. On the sofa cushions, buttons are 6″ from top and bottom, and spaced evenly at 6.25″ from sides and each other.

  11. Derek W.

    Buttons look nice. Communication and help has been great. Thanks!

  12. Lauren S (verified owner)

    These were made well, shipped quickly (despite ordering them around the holidays), and the tutorial was easy to follow. I had to do two pillows and it took me about 2 hours, with the most amount of time devoted to measuring and planning the placement. I made sure to plan out button location on both front and back so that the pillows look good from both sides (just in case I get a spill and need to flip them over). My couch looks so much classier now! Next step is to get some mid century modern legs to take this baby to the next level!

  13. Nina Patane

    Not only are the buttons high quality and a perfect match with my sofa, the order came with step by step instructions. So perfect!!!

  14. Kate Miles

    Love the buttons/ used on my couch asap!

  15. Anton Wedin

    Excellent quality buttons and reasonable shipping time!

  16. Shane C

    Buttons worked great and the tutorial gave us the Ikea couch we wanted and had planned on. It came out perfectly. thanks.

  17. kimberly neel

    always a pleasure…thanks so much!

  18. Susan (verified owner)

    I was dreading the thought of trying to find a local upholstery shop that would make buttons for me. I was concerned that this would be considered too small a job & not worth their time. Then, I found these ready made buttons! Problem solved! The shipping was so fast & the buttons were nicely packaged. Thank you!!!!

  19. Rita (verified owner)

    Well crafted buttons. But more importantly, fantastic customer service and communication. I have watched the video and feel confident that I too can make my IKEA couch look like a $2000 sofa. I purchased Karlstad compatible legs from an online woodworker to fancy it up a little more!

  20. Kara Adams

    High quality buttons. Shipped fast! The video tutorial was all I needed to figure it out. Ikea Karlstad couch makeover success!

  21. Samantha Cronin

    Fast shipping. Exactly as expected.

  22. Brooke (verified owner)

    I love the look of my newly tufted cushions. I wish I had known the dimensions of the couch cushions pictured so it would help me know how many buttons to order, so I don’t order too many (or too few). Overall I’m very happy with the buttons. The hardest part was measuring for placement.

  23. Christa

    Perfect buttons for my project. Shipped quickly with instructions. Thank you!

  24. Camila Reartes

    These buttons were great! The instructions included in the packet were a definite plus! Thanks!

  25. nala (verified owner)

    Easy, and amazing results! What a brilliant DIY idea! Thx!

  26. jjscherr

    Buttons arrived, and the sofa is tufted. Looks amazing. Thanks for the video. I learned the slipknot quickly, and it was easy.

  27. amyruthmarsh (verified owner)

    Amazing Amazing Amazing. Would DIY with these again. Thank you!

  28. sboots

    Gorgeous! High-quality and sturdy, and exactly as pictured.

  29. Jeffrey Fitt (verified owner)

    They are perfect!

  30. uhura

    The buttons arrived in time and do a really good job. The sofa looks completely new. Thank you so much for this great idea.

  31. Brett Fryzuk

    Buttons arrived exactly as described. Perfect match

  32. Joy

    Great buttons and online tutorial. Perfect match to the ikea couch.

  33. Fang Liu

    buttons are good quality.
    I just have difficulty finding the long needle that can go though the cushions.

  34. Jutta (verified owner)

    They arrived safely and exactly as described. Still need to put them on though…

  35. Michael Ball

    Just as I expected and they look excellent!

  36. Sean McCune

    Exactly what I wanted! Shipping was fast and the product looks fantastic!

  37. Jutta (verified owner)

    Wow, it took me 2 hours and I had to buy upholstery needles, but it was well worth all the time and effort. Fabulous! Such an easy hack. Will order more, for the other couch…

  38. Kristen

    Product is satisfactory, did not give 5 stars because there is visible glue on a good deal of the buttons. Seller was good at communication.

  39. Jamie Mcgee (verified owner)

    The buttons were a perfect match and Bettina’s tutorial video was so easy to follow. Just be sure to measure properly. Great DIY project. I love it! Thank you!

  40. Mylene Leung

    Shipping is a little long but item is as described:)

  41. Bill Purdy

    Great customer service and good product. Thanks.

  42. Gabriel Mautner (verified owner)

    These buttons are just perfect and beautiful! I just finished tufting my first IKEA Karlstad cushion – what a difference it makes! I followed Bettina’s tutorial video to accomplish this. One thing I did differently -First I removed the cushion from the cover, and I used a tailoring measure tape to find the exact position for each button so they would be aligned and separated at equal distance from each other and from the edges, then I marked the spots on the cover with white chalk which can be easily erased with a wet cloth. The knot was a little tricky to learn but once I slowed down the tutorial video a couple of times I learned the technique. Thank you Bettina!

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