2010 Jewelry Collection : Photo Shooting (behind the Scene)

We had our New 2010 Jewelry Collection Photo-shooting yesterday, which took place in Omaha, NE with Justin Limoges :: Photography

After we got there, Melanie ( a friend of mine ) started curling Beth’s (model) hair, after that I pinned her hair up and Melanie applied Beth’s Make up.
Our outfits where selected by me, my own closet and Forever 21 provided us some pieces!

Justin our Photographer was already done setting up the Background and Lights, so we started shooting the first few pictures, until we found the right light and overall look of the images.
After that everything went smoothly, pieces and clothes changed in between.

I got to be a model for a few items, it was not easy but fun.
Beth, our Model was just amazing and is naturally gifted, she is beautiful and has a wonderful aura. She gave the jewelry a spark.

What a great day, this was a wonderful experience for me and I hope to be able to work with Beth and Justin in the future.

Beth getting ready for another pose…

Change up of pieces, and overlooking the made shots.

Pose, freeze and…

Our Images are over looked/worked by Justin at this moment, I will post some of them as soon I hear from him.

You are able to order our NEW 2010 Collection Jewelry already, please go to our Online Shop.

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  1. I have to say…
    Your pieces are so beautiful, really amazing.
    I love the tree and dove earrings, any rings on that style in the future?

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