“Biggest Handmade Christmas Giveaway”

“Biggest Handmade Christmas Giveaway”  SantaLetter
This year I like to go even bigger, means we need as many sponsors as we can gather. I set a goal of 30 sponsors, will you help me achieve this goal?
If you like to participate at the “Biggest Handmade Christmas Giveaway”, simply fill out our Signup form with
  • An image of your handmade item (picture needs to be min. 600px in width)
    • Item’s description
    • Items price
  • Your full name
  • All your social media links
  • If you’ll ship the item to the winner Worldwide or Domestic 

The Giveaway will start November 22nd, at 9am CST and will end December 8th, 12am CST. SignUp deadline for sponsors is November 21st, 9pm CST.
You will receive an email with the address of the winner, once the Giveaway has ended. You’ll need to ship your item out within 48h in order for the winner to receive it before Christmas.

Note: Our “Biggest Handmade Christmas Giveaway” is meant to support us small businesses, and to spread the word about “buying handmade for Christmas”!
I like to achieve my goal for each of you small business owners, so please share this link to whomever you believe would be a great fit and might join us.

Warm wishes,
Bettina Johnson

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